Inktober 2016 recap


I can barely believe it myself considering my currently hectic life, but I completed the Inktober challenge!

I managed to indeed draw and post one ink drawing daily on Facebook, from October 1st to October 31st, following Mr Jake Parker’s prompt.

Here is the recap of each day for those who missed it:



1kInktober Day 1!
The first prompt is “Fast“, so here is a warm-up session of 20 x 1 minute poses using 0.3 and 0.5 liners.


Inktober Day 2: “Noisy”
My son gave me the answer before I could think of anything else.3kInktober Day 3: “Collect”
Pulvis et umbra sumus – We are dust and shadow.

4kInktober Day 4: “Hungry”
Three hungry ghosts trapped in a well. I tried to stay close to the way they are depicted on traditional scrolls.
Hungry ghosts appear in Chinese and Buddhist folklore, and have their own domain in Tibetan Buddhism (Preta or Desire Realm). They are tormented and eternally hungry souls from people having lived greedy and sinful lives. Food offerings are given to them by the living during the Ghost Festival in Buddhist and Taoist regions of the world.

5kInktober Day 5: “Sad”
A tribute to the ambient band Sad World (Amir Abadi & Ramin Naghachian). They released three albums inspired by Persian civilization on Pete Namlook’s label Fax +49-69/450464 in the nineties.

6kInktober Day 6: “Hidden”
Inspired by THESE NEW PURITANS’ album ‘Hidden’.


Inktober Day 7: “Lost”
“Are you lost?”… “Yes.”
A tribute to Neurosis’ song of the same name.


Inktober Day 8: “Rock”
The Gros Caillou (“big pebble”) is a large rock from the Triassic era that was brought to the hill of Lyon by glaciers around 140,000BC. It is now one of the symbols of Croix-Rousse, the district where I was born. The rock was found in 1861 and while a source of pride to any local, it sometimes fails to impress foreigners (read: those not from Croix-Rousse).

9kInktober Day 9: “Broken”
Wabi-sabi – the acceptance of imperfection (including in my wonky calligraphy skills) and transience in everything, as well as the appreciation of the uniqueness that is found in coarse, imperfect or broken objects, very much in contrast to the Western classical quest for canonical perfection.

10kInktober Day 10: “Jump”
I’ll let you folks figure that one out.


Inktober Day 11: “Transport”
Da Vinci’s war chariot adapted to suit the parenting challenge of navigating busy streets with a stroller.


Inktober Day 12: “Worried”
Not sure what happened here… I was thinking of Blaise Pascal’s eye twitch… ended up full improv.


Inktober Day 13: “Scared”
Very fast piece, no time to overthink. In direct continuation of yesterday’s artwork…


Inktober Day 14: “Tree”
Late post, hectic life, quick sketch! My dear snake plucking the Fruit.


Inkober Day 15: “Relax”
That’s a word I had forgotten! I have been relieved of my fatherly duties today, so it’s definitely relaxing.


Inktober Day 16: “Wet”

A minimalist piece, for Coil
“Are you shivering? Are you cold?
Are you bathed in silver or drowned in gold?
This dream’s a vitality
With filaments as fine as a spider’s web
Pour through your mouth
That pour through your mouth
O river of silver, O river of flowers
I lie down and shiver in your silver river
Out drips the last drop of this vital fluid”
(Coil – Are you Shivering?)


Inktober Day 17: “Battle”
Tribute to Dino Buzzati’s novel Douce Nuit.


Inktober Day 18: “Escape”
A tribute to my fearless SO, who sometimes has to escape from guards and ravenous dogs in order to deliver first-rate content to her urban exploration blog .


Inktober Day 19: “Flight”
Another quick one due to a long day. This is one of the four cherubs hovering above our bed, installed by an eccentric previous landlord with a taste for rococo. They are not very reassuring, but they make for great conversation starter. Meanwhile, we try not to blink.


Inktober day 20: “Squeeze”
The only thing worth squeezing. (Let’s pretend this drawing never happened, shall we? I accepted the Inktober challenge therefore cannot get away from posting daily; as it goes, “Do a smaller drawing, do a bad drawing, do any drawing. A mediocre drawing is better than no drawing.” Hopefully I will make up for it tomorrow.)


Inktober day 21: “Big”
On the relativity of size…


Inktober day 22: “Little”
Another perspective on yesterday’s perspective.
The ink ran out before I could finish the ladybug’s shell, but I had to stay on schedule, plus it doesn’t look that bad.


Inktober day 23: “Slow”
Fast brush, slow subject.


Inktober day 24: “One dozen”
Well that’s some high-level synchronicity. I literally just made a dozen practice works during calligraphy course today.


Inktober Day 25: “Tired”
Now that’s a word I am familiar with.


Inktober day 26: “Box”
One of the nickname of the legendary Roland TB-303 was the “silver box”.


Inktober Day 27: “Creepy”
“So you want to play dead for Halloween?
I have good news for you…”


Inktober day 28: “Burn”

Don’t fight against what you are
and always will be
This is no heresy
These hands killed without guilt
This heart burns in repentance
These hands killed without guilt
This dream is lost in repentance
Babylon it’s time to rise
Lucifer will bring the light

Haus Arafna – Lucifer


Inktober day 29: “Surprise”
Surprise! We are spending the weekend of Samhain in the strange spa town of Druskininkai, so the end of Inktober will be in black and white. The biggest aquapark’s entrance looks like the frigging gates of Mordor and even has a moat.


Inktober day 30: “Wreck”
Here’s the story: today we went to visit Grūtas Park, a sculpture garden packed with relocated Soviet-era statues, near Druskininkai. I thought I’d find something inspiring there to draw, but the stories behind “heroic” statues were just too tragic to deserve (or inspire) any more tributes. As we went to have lunch I noticed that there was a model of a shipwreck in the restaurant’s aquarium. At that point it seemed like a much more pleasant subject to draw.


Inktober day 31: “Friend”

“Un ami pour inventer la route,
Et garder la chaleur de sa main dans ma main…”

That’s it, folks!

Next step: a brand new website. Stay tuned!