SketchBook Sunday: Personal Methodology II: The methods!

This is a short addendum to last week’s post regarding personal methodology, i.e. learning how to teach yourself.

In fact, it does not contain any images as the weekend has been busy with celebrating the resurrection of the traditional Finnish harvest festival Kekri in Suomenlinna, Helsinki. Sunday was packed with household chores and an impromptu visit of an urban underworld- the kind my adventurer-partner Wanderella is always fond of.

That doesn’t mean that the art-related question were left unanswered- quite the opposite. Visiting professor Byron Kim helped me figuring out what and how to teach myself, and I thank him for all the conversations we had during his stay. Here is, in short, what came out of it:

  • To learn something, the most efficient method is to figure the best way you would teach the subject is to someone else. For instance, since last post mentioned composition, there is always the possibility to prepare a presentation about composition, and learn by collecting information and doing the synthesis.
  • When the schedule is too loose but many projects need to be taken care of, it is better to plan a day ahead. Five or six points written down on a paper becomes tomorrow’s to-do list.
  • As regards to personal practice, fixed rules need to be set- a limited amount of time per work, a standard size or material, a specific soundtrack (or none)- as long as the mind is coerced, the work will be done.

    Bonus from my 2005 ‘Deviant toys’ series.

Next Sunday will be all drawings and no talk, promise.