SketchBook Sunday: Pertinence, Concentration, Watercolors

This is what happens when you doodle to Lull.

A few days ago a friendly visitor -and talented artist- Lan Prima commented on an other website regarding the pertinence one sees in ones own work. Letting go of your own judgement can be tough, and in many other circumstances I would have never submitted unfinished sketches to the public eye. I am mostly curious to see where this is leading, as seeing them displayed here brings a new level of self-criticism to the table.

Yet one thing that is constantly rehashed in art schools is that experiment and practice is the only way to improvement. In other words, practice makes perfect and work comes out of work.

So here’s practice and, while we’re at it, that guy from last week.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Besides trippy proportions and colors (thanks to a whole set of watercolors offered to me by my supervisor Jukka Korkeila) you might or might not have noticed hints of spiritual content, and also a mask. Being in need of new horizons after years of obsession with anatomy, I found out that these different elements have been working nicely together, and I intend to work with watercolors on a bit more intricate level as soon as I get the grip on this unfamiliar medium. Until then, enjoy some first shots.

IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Next week should bring more of these colorful sketches, provided concentration and focus (my worst enemies for decades) decide to play along in the midst of a very hectic daily schedule.



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