SketchBook Sunday: anatomical facts and fictions

Let’s go quickly through some sketches from the past few months. While traveling through Macedonia, I found a lovely handmade and leather-bound book in a papermaking shop and decided to use it solely for factual anatomical studies. No fantasies allowed.


Notice the nice fibrous texture of the cellulose! This paper is quite fragile and doesn’t allow many corrections. Precision is key.IMG_0002

This one is directly inspired from Sobotta’s illustration series.

Next, from a little sketchbook I always keep near to me, some sketches related to the Iridescient Fields ‘landscape’ painting series I’m currently focusing on:


(Warhammer 40k tax- I haven’t given up the idea to work for Games Workshop one day…)


For next week, it’s either going to be about this guy below, or about the aforementioned painting series.
Until then, feel free to join in the comments section!



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