SketchBook Sunday, premiere!

It’s been quite a few months since I wanted to launch this weekly section, which is part of making this website more interactive, so here goes: each Sunday (hopefully), I will present some sketches and drawings that have been made recently. It puts me in a more vulnerable position, opens the perspectives and pushes me towards a more regular practice. I also invite anyone willing to participate to add their own sketches to the comment section–the original idea came from discussions with a friend of mine, the talented yet aspiring M.Zussy, in order to keep each other in a certain practice rhythm.
I dedicate this first post to her.


Two weeks ago we had the chance to visit Tartu’s medical school morgue, in Estonia. Drawing kept me distracted from the smell of formaldehyde.

IMG_0001IMG_0004 IMG_0003 IMG_0002Meanwhile, I have been suffering from a wrist pain for almost two months now, with no sign of improvement. A proper diagnostic will have to be made soon, in the meantime I am practicing to write and draw with my right hand. The hand writing sucks (not much more than my regular one, to be honest), but the drawings turned out to be more interesting than the last time I tried.

That’s it for now, a bit bare but this had to get started. Next week I will present some of the ‘factual’ anatomy drawings I sketched from study books (mostly Netter and Sobotta), as well as various ideas that showed up in the past few months.


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